Life At The End Of Porn

Have you ever wondered what porn stars do when they retire? When you have worked as a porn star, it can be even harder to find a job than if you would have worked for a London escorts agency. I know that many former London escorts find it hard to find jobs. Often they end up taking on rather menial jobs to pay the bills and buy daily living essentials. If you have done well during your London escorts career and bought your own place, you may just need to cover the living expenses. However, things are often different for former porn stars.

Porn Stars At London Escorts

Did you know that most porn stars are paid less than London escorts? Over their career, porn stars often earn less than London escorts. That means when they retire from their porn careers, they often need to find flexible and high earnings jobs. Some of them end up as adult models, but that is far from all of them. You will also find many former porn stars working for some of  the most amazing escort agencies and even elite London escorts agencies. This is why you can date London escorts who have been porn stars.

Limited Career Options For London Escorts and Porn Stars

Whether you have worked for a London escorts agency or as a porn star, it would be true to say that your career options going forward are pretty limited. I have been working for a London escorts agency for about 10 years. Along with other girls who have been escorting for a long time, I am beginning to weigh up my future career options. Do I really want to end up in a dead-end job and perhaps even stack shelves in a supermarket in London? No, I am not sure that I would like that and I think that I would get pretty bored quickly. However, there are other career options.

Putting Your London Escorts Skills To Good Use

One thing that you can do is to consider what skills you have. Most sexy charlotte London escorts have pretty good people instincts skills and I think it is a good idea to put them to good use. This is why you see so many former London escorts starting their own businesses and setting up companies. A top tip would be to save up your money, take a college course and then work for yourself. That is just one of the many ideas that I am contemplating. But, I am not sure what I am going to do. One thing is for certain, London is swamped with nail technicians who used to work for London escorts agencies. So, I don’t think that I am going to go down that road. Instead I will have to find something else exciting to do with my time. What that is, only the future will tell.

If you want to find out more on what porn stars do when their careers are bend them you can read various articles.

How to Manage Being an Escort, Wife, and Mom

Being an escort can be a fun and rewarding job. You get to meet different types of people, learn from them, and most importantly, earn money. However, if you’re a mom and a wife, these responsibilities may complicate everything. Juggling between being a mom, a wife, and an escort may overwhelm you and leave you wondering what to do. For instance, you may be needed to offer your services, and at the same time, your kids may require you at home. What can you do?
Let’s look at tips to help you become good at all these responsibilities; be a great escort, an excellent mom to your kids, and loving wife to your husband.

When You’re Free, Spend Time with Your Spouse

Your spouse is the number one person who will always be your side; ensure you nurture your relationship with him. When you’re not offering escort services, take advantage of that time to be closer to your husband, and enjoy each other’s company. When you’re out there, your husband may feel neglected. To get rid of this neglect feeling, always take the time to foster your relationship. This will make your marriage exciting. Plan dates to keep your love alive. It may even be an indoor date where you can share delicious food and wine. Also, don’t forget intimacy; touch each other, kiss, and have great sex!

Don’t Feel Guilty

One feeling that overwhelms many parent escorts is that they’re sometimes away and can’t offer the much love and care needed by their kids. They end up feeling guilty, which leads to stress. However, it’s time to let go of the guilt. Think about how being an escort is benefitting your family. For instance, it may be giving you enough money to pay your children’s school fees or save for their college fees.


Your spouse can’t read your mind, and thus, always communicate when you’re going out to offer a service. This way, he will know how to plan his schedule so that he can take care of the kids. If someone needs your services somewhere, don’t leave without saying a word; your spouse may think that you’re ignorant, which may create wrangles. If you can’t call, leave a note saying how many hours you’ll be away. If you think you’ll stay longer than expected, don’t forget to inform your spouse.

Make Time for Your Kids

Even though we mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t feel guilty because you’re earning money and supporting your children’s needs, always time for them. Bond with them even if it’s during a family night or breakfast. As much as they need you to take care of them financially, they also need your company. Therefore, organize a family outing, movies, or playing board games.

With these tips, managing motherhood, your marriage, and being an escort shouldn’t be here. The key here is always finding and scheduling time for motherly and wife responsibilities, even if you’re a busy escort.

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